The team

Under the leadership of its founder Gérard Penarroya, the 2022 Women’s Cycling Team under the name of Emotional.FR – Tornatech – GSC Blagnac VS 31 powered by Specialized and Macogep was set up in 2006. Today, 16 years after its creation, the team is made up of 12 French, Canadian and Mexican athletes. We will see them shine on two continents, because in addition to the UCI competitions in the calendar, they will compete in various races across France, Spain and Canada. They will also be present for several sporting events in Canada and France. The composition of our team combines the experience of some riders and the determination of our developing youngsters. With this versatility, we are confident that the team will have a fantastic and exceptional season!


Despite the closure of this team, Gérard Penarroya’s cycling heart continues to beat through the new french professional women’s cycling team Grand Est-Komugi-La Fabrique powered by Tornatech.

Three cyclists accompany him in this new human adventure : Adèle Desgagnès, Joséphine Péloquin and Laury Milette.




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Do not miss the 5th edition of the CABANE À SUCRE URBAINE for the benefit of the professional women’s cycling team MACOGEP TORNATECH powered by Specialized and Mazda on Wednesday, March 27 2019.



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