• French Champion Tempo race 2018 track
  • Vice-champion of France Pursuit track in 2018
  • French vice-champion of the American Track in 2018
  • 11th in the French Cyclo-cross Championship in 2018
  • Double bronze medalist on Track in 2019
  • 11th in the French championship of the future 2020 on the road
  • 6th in the 1st of the Coupe de France 2021 in Civaux


Native of Blois in the Loir et Cher, I started cycling at the age of 10, simultaneously playing football in a women’s team and before that having done various sports such as tennis, dance, horse riding, athletics table tennis etc. My passion for cycling came from my father and grandfather who themselves rode it at a high level. So far I have reconciled both the track, the road and the cyclo-cross by competing in the French Cups and French Championships in its various disciplines. My integration into the Macogep-Tornatech-Girondins de Bordeaux team at only 18 years old and for me a springboard in my cycling career and gives me the opportunity to participate in the most beautiful national and international races.