Argon18 was first presented with the opportunity to sponsor MACOGEP-ARGON18-GIRONDINS de Bordeaux powered par MAZDA! women’s professional cycling team in 2016. Now in your second season, the road ahead looks promising, with the team now racing under an official UCI licence.


Argon18 understands the value of partnership. As a team, everybody is aware of the commitment and hard work that we all put into growing Argon18’s brand all over the world. Rising up to the top level of professional cycling would have never been possible without the extraordinary teamwork we’ve put in recent years.


Argon18 also supports high-level athletes all over the world, and we strongly believe in equality in the sport. We are a 100% behind our athletes and we want to provide them with bikes in all sizes that have the optimal ride quality for the rider they are meant to be. We want to produce high quality bikes that meet the requirements of any rider type, men and women. Our thorough mastery of the geometry of frames allows us to achieve optimum fit and handling and making sure the bike matches the high-performance requirements for each and every woman.


With the MACOGEP-ARGON18-GIRONDINS de Bordeaux powered par MAZDA’s support, we have a chance to write a new chapter in the great story of professional cycling, a sport whose popularity is at an all-time high.


The opportunity to get involved with a UCI Women’s team like MACOGEP-ARGON18-GIRONDINS de Bordeaux powered par MAZDA! in Europe, the USA and Canada is embracing that tradition, and moving forward and aiming high.


Argon18 is in the breakaway and we are glad to count on MACOGEP-ARGON18-GIRONDINS de Bordeaux powered par MAZDA! to go faster and further, and keep on winning. Now more than ever.


Together, our success will propel us forward.


Gervais Rioux