Full time student


– 28th of world championship in Swiss
– 5th at the USA Fontana Cup
– 3rd at the USA Bonelli Park Cup
– 1st Canada Cup, XCO, UCI Juniors Series, Victoria, BC
– 3rd Canada Cup, XCO, UCI Juniors Series, Baie St-Paul
– 5th Canada Cup, XCO, UCI Juniors Series Hardwood Hills, Ontario
– 3rd Canada Cup, XCO, Horseshoe, Ontario
– 3rd National Championship, Canmore
– 2nd Overall classification of the Canada Cup
– 2nd Quebec Cup, XCO, Sherbrook
– 2nd Quebec Cup, XCC, Sherbrook
– 2nd Quebec Cup, XCO, St-Félicien
– 1st Quebec Cup, XCT, St-Félicien
– 2nd Provincial Championship, Québec
– 2nd Quebec Cup, XCO, Québec
– 2nd Overall classification of Quebec Cup
– 28e Ötztaler Mountain bike Festival + UCI junior series XCO
– 12e Heubacher Mountain bike Festival
– 3e Windham Pro GRT/XCT + UCI junior series


I am passionate about cycling, I have been doing this sport since I was 5 years old. Currently, I am a student at Collège Mérici in Natural Sciences, bilingual program. I am a member of the Alliance sports-étude and the Vélo Cartel Racing Team in MTB. Moreover, I was selected to race with the Macogep-Tornatech-Specialized cycling team powered by Mazda for my 2019 road bike season. Therefore, I will be racing in mountain bike and road bike in 2019! I look forward to get road cycling experience and to be part of a team.